Why Choose us?

Holistic Approach

We have a holistic approach to fitness, where by we ensure to address all aspects throughout our training, both the body and the mind. Wodventures is based on the philosophy behind Crossfit, which is defined by “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements”.

This definition extends beyond our Crossfit training and means that everyday shall include a new thrilling activity, to ensure you are constantly being exposed to new challenges.

We have thoughtfully chosen all of our activities to ensure the perfect mix of fun, relaxation, adventure and fitness.

Expert Trainers & Workshops

You will be trained by the best in the business, including professional coaches and elite Crossfit games athletes, all of whom are amongst the world’s fittest men and women.

Your Wodventure will include specialist Crossfit workshops focused on improving mobility and weightlifting techniques, areas that are often overlooked in everyday training. By investing time into improving these skills, you will ultimately become a better, more efficient athlete.

Nutrition and training go hand in hand – your body cannot perform at it’s optimum capacity without the correct fuel. It’s for this reason that we run various workshops on nutrition, to ensure you know how to eat to be fit.

Palm tree running


We understand that the secret to a healthy body and mind is balance. Relaxation and recovery is not only a crucial part of any fitness regime, but also a must for any holiday.

It’s not just all work and no play; we want you returning home feeling fitter, but also rested and refreshed. You will have plenty of time to find your zen and relax both your body and mind with beach yoga, massages and spa treatments.


We love to train, but we also love to have fun, and therefore the social element is a very big part of every Wodventure. You will spend your evenings watching the sunset, sipping cocktails with your toes in the sand and enjoying exquisite local cuisine. Ultimately, you will create unforgettable memories and share your Wodventure experience with incredible, like-minded people, forging friendships for years to come.