Where do I start?! Stop what you're doing and contact Dani to book a trip!

It was one of the best getaways I have ever been on! The group dynamic made it. Everybody bounced off of each other and clicked straight away. We trained together, ate together, and drank cocktails together to name a few things

Dani and Jacob were the perfect hosts and organised everything so well. We had enough planned to keep us active, but it was never rushed, and we always had downtime to do what we wanted like catching up on sleep, topping up our tans or drinking more cocktails

Got to walk away with some new rad friends too, who wouldn't want that?!

I will never forget this epic trip and am itching to book my next one already.

Like I said, stop what you're doing and book a trip, you wont regret it


“Thank you Wodventures for the BEST holiday of my life. Daniela and Jacob made my first time overseas one I will never forgot. Being a health conscious individual who also loves to let my hair down, the Cook Islands Fitness Retreat was exactly what I had been looking for. I had always dreamed of an active holiday where I could do Cross Fit, Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Snorkeling, and Hiking, whilst also relaxing on the beach in bikinis drinking cocktails and eating buffet all day. Thank you for creating such a fuss free holiday, with everything organized from our flights and luxury accommodation, to lagoon cruises, cultural shows, and how could I ever forget the night out on the rehab bus. 

The Cook Islands was such a beautiful destination, not only with it's flawless beaches, but the culture and the Island residents were the most friendly, giving and humble human beings I have had to pleasure to get to know. A special mention needs to go to the Tumuora Cross Fit Box and Olivia and Geoff who opened their doors and ensured our Cook Islands Cross Fit experience would stand to be the absolute sweatiest workouts we would ever have the 'enjoyment' of doing. I am stoked to have made some life long friends, it's amazing how easy it is to bond with a group of strangers who share similar interests. I feel privileged to have had to chance to get to know one of Australia's top crossfit athletes Khan Porter, not only is he a highly intelligent coach who provided us with knowledge and experience during his workshops, he was also a very friendly down to earth guy. There is not a single thing that I could fault about the trip. The Wodventures team did such an amazing job and I am already planning my next Wodventure. I love my Wodventures family!”


The most amazing trip i have ever been on! The passion and positive energy that Dani brings adds to the experience and I cannot even imagine going on a holiday any other way!


“Signing up for the WODVENTURES trip to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands was a massive step out of my comfort zone, I left for the trip alone but on return I had made friends like family with every one that was a part of the journey, I learnt so many new things in all different aspects of training and life in general. Wodventures is a well organised adventure filled holiday with the benefit of not falling behind with training progress and not having to plan a thing your self. The balance of training to activities and free time was well managed allowing every one to do things they wanted to do away from the group if required. I'm eagerly waiting to go on another trip and catch up with my new WODVENTURES family!”


Summarising the trip of a lifetime in a few words borderlines on impossible. The 21.15.NINE team joined the Wodventures trip to Hawaii and every expectation was exceeded. From the absolutely spectacular resort, the jam pack activities, spending a week with CrossFit Games athletes and truly getting a local feel for Hawaii...I don't think there was anything else the Crew at Wodventures could have possibly packed in! I couldn't think of a better travel service to align 21.15.NINE with and the "nothing is too much trouble" approach by Dani will ensure every base is covered for your trip of a lifetime.


“Without a doubt, this was the BEST holiday I have ever gone on. From the very start everything was so well planned and it only got better. Each day there was the perfect amount of exercise, fun and relaxation, and the best past was that I didn't have to think about a thing, Dani had everything all worked out for me. I learnt so many new skills and techniques from the coaches on this trip and have left the islands with a new family.

We all walked away with new friends for life and within 24hrs of getting back have already organised a weekend away.

On top of all of this, the Cook Islands and the locals are beautiful, I felt safe and welcomed the entire time, needless to say, my expectations of any island getaway are now very high.

I will definitely be signing up for another Wodventure trip and would highly recommend Wodventures to everyone.”


“Wodventures truly changed how I will travel from here on out. I always was against "group" travel with strangers because it seemed like you just never knew who you were going to be stuck with or if everyone would get along. But having CrossFit and fitness as the base behind each trip brings such like-minded people together that you can't go wrong! I was a solo traveler from the US...the only person from the US...and I left the Cook Islands with an entire family of crazy Aussies and New Zealanders these guys are doing something special here.”


“Back home now, thanks Dani & Jacob for the best time ever. Love your work and will be back on another WODventure as soon as I possibly can. Cannot recommend this experience enough!”


I was extremely blessed to be able to travel to Kauai with Wodventures and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life! From hanging out with the CrossFit games athletes to trekking through the jungle it was the perfect balance of relaxation and sweat sessions! Dani and Jacob are amazing people and provided the trip of a lifetime. I have made friends for life and can't believe how much my outlook on life has changed since. Can't wait to head away again with Wodventures!


“I have been fortunate enough to travel overseas a few times in my life and to go on some fantastic holidays.
My first Wodventure, however, topped them all. Myself and my Partner booked our trip a few months out and had absolutely no crossfit experience. We were worried but excited at the same time and ready for the challenge. It turns out the crew and the coaches were all amazing people and without the Crossfit backing we were fine. We participated in and absolutely loved every workout and activity scheduled for the week. From Yoga to paddle boarding to kayaking to hiking to laying by the beach in the sun back to training and sailing and snorkelling and more it was absolutely amazing and we wish we never had to leave.

Last but not least, our trip would not have been anywhere near as special, enjoyable or memorable without Dani and Jacob. The owners of Wodventures and our "tour guides". They were the most selfless individuals who wanted nothing but pure enjoyment for all of our crew. They went out of their way over and over again to ensure we were all happy and to make sure we got the most out of our Wodventure. They would drive us to every activity and make themselves available to us during "chill out" time should we need to go anywhere or do anything. They knew all of the best local restaurants, resorts and experiences and made sure we tried them all. They were able to get us all great deals on anything that we wanted to try or purchase and were always smiling.
It was my birthday whilst in the Cooks and I woke up to a beautiful card and gift as well as and was surprised with a birthday cake and party decorations at a local restaurant that night.

Dani and Jacob did not have to go out of their way to make my birthday so special but they did. That's just them.
Also, on Dani's birthday a local tour guide had to cancel our cross island hike due to illness. Dani was not going to let us miss out on this must-do activity and decided to dress as a local and become our tour guide. She led us all on an amazing journey and we were all so grateful for the experience. 

I could go on and on for days about the Cook Islands and our Wodventures experience, but i'll have to leave it there before I begin to miss it too much.”


“I was lucky enough to go on the very first Wodventures retreat to the Cook Islands. However, not only did I not know anyone else going, I also had never stepped foot inside a Crossfit box let alone know what WOD even meant (yep I googled it).
The great thing about this retreat is that no one cares what skill level you are, everyone was happy to help me learn and understand crossfit.

The week was amazing, the group of strangers quickly became family and my love for Crossfit grew. Aside from training, we also had an array of activities including SUP, hiking and snorkelling.Then at the end of it all we all dressed up and hit the town on a party bus.

I can honestly say that WODventures made this an experience to remember. I am so grateful to Daniela for organising such a hassle free retreat. As soon as we arrived the only thing we had to decide was what to eat. Everything else was taken care of. 
If anyone is thinking about going on a Wodventures adventure and has no or little crossfit experience, GO!!! It will change your life 
I have now joined the Box in Perth and am looking forward to joining Daniela and the team next year for another retreat.”


Wow what an adventure! Thank you Wodventures. I had an absolute ball on the Hawaii trip. We had insane adventures, threw down with Games athletes and laughed til we cried. Wodventures brings people together who are passionate about the same things, so amazing friendships are formed while we do what we love most. The perfect combination of rest and play, fitness and cocktails, sunbaking and chickens... Something for everyone really.


Even as my first ever trip overseas my wodventure experience will be one i never forget the people and the place were just amazing!! I highly recommend this trip to any crossfitters or anyone who enjoys fitness activitys regardless of your fitness level!! Danni was and is a fantasic host, guide, bus driver and friend!
Cant wait till I can do another trip!!


If you enjoy getting active in breathtaking locations, with amazing people, Wodventures is the only way to travel. The team do all of the hard work putting together your perfect holiday in paradise to ensure you fit the most into your time away. The best part was how flexible they were so you could do as much or as little as you like. Thank you Dani and Jacob for looking after us all so well & for a holiday we will never forget. We can't wait to book again!!


I had an experience of a lifetime with Wodventures! Loved every single second of the trip in Hawaii! Made so many new friends and memories I'll never forget! What a ride!


If you love to travel, have some laughs, meet like minded people and take a million photos for your Instagram jump onto one of Wodventures tours. I travelled to the Cook Islands in March with these guys. Not your typical "tourist" group. Our group leader Dani had awesome knowledge of the island and was able to give us a more personal experience! I loved joining the locals at the crossfit box on the island. Snorkelling was a totally amazing experience as I was climbing the local mountain with an extremely knowledgable guide. 

I even had enough time to go kiteboarding in the most beautiful place in the world!
Totally amazing way to start 2015, cant wait to join another tour. Get on it!


Words aren’t enough to do this amazing trip justice – all I can say is you have to try it for yourself! This was the greatest holiday I have ever had! Dani and Jacob ran the retreat flawlessly, everyone was always happy whether it be doing planned activities or in our own down time chilling on the beach! The crew bonded instantly and there was never a dull moment! So many amazing experiences were offered to us, taking the opportunity to try as many new things as I could on this trip - I am so thankful to Wodventures for giving us the chance to try such amazing things in the most beautiful place in the world! The Cook Islands was a friendly community, the people and the place itself is just beautiful! I have left the Cook

Islands with amazing memories and an amazing new crew of friends from all over the world! I can’t say enough good things about this trip – can’t wait for the next one!


My WODVentures experience to the Cook Islands was INCREDIBLE to say the least. Besides the fact that you got to experience a week in paradise, Dani thoroughly planned a whole week of activities that id never be comfortable to do myself on a luxury holiday. From sensational hiking to sunrise yoga, the fitness sessions never disappointed, let alone the fun outside the schedule, partying, collaborating and learning together. I highly recommend WODVentures to anyone, any fitness level and age. What's better than going on a luxury getaway planned & paid for in advanced- keeping yourself fit as well! An experience I'll remember for a lifetime and something I'll definitely be doing again!!!


Incredible first trip overseas with Wodventures eating amazingly fresh foods, hiking the mountains and swimming in the lagoons! Dani's knowledge of the destination and her wonderful personality makes the trip easy with extremely fun and memorable experiences. I can't wait for my next Wodventures trip!!


This was hands down THE BEST HOLIDAY i have ever had! Rarotonga was absolutely amazing but putting the actual place aside the experience and our awesome group dynamic is what i will always remember. Every single activity was well thought out, varied and accomodated everyone. It was the right amount of activities so it never felt like we were rushed, we had plenty of down time and opportunity to do our own thing if we wanted. Dani and Jacob were the best facilitators you couldve asked for, always making sure we were ok and taken care of - they have beautiful hearts. I seriously couldnt of planned a better holiday myself - cant wait to get on the next one!


July crossfit games retreat was unbelievable!! First time overseas, very nervous as I went alone! But Dani made everyone feel welcome and soon enough we were all friends! Dani planned everything, surprised us with a lot of awesome activities! Seriously the best way to travel. Having major withdrawals But can't wait to book another Wodventure!! Thank you Wodventures for everything!❤️


Where do I even start? This holiday was the most amazing trip I have ever been on, there is seriously no comparison. I could not fault one thing even if I tried. I cannot thank Dani enough for having organised such an awesome little getaway! If you wanting a stress-free, fun, active, adventurous holiday then you NEED to book NOW. You will not regret it, I promise!


Wodventures to the Cook Islands was my first ever overseas holiday. The whole idea that everything was planned and I just had to pay made my reason to go even better! Dani had planned everything perfectly and it all ran so smoothly. Her local knowledge of Raro made it even better as she knew what not to eat and where had the best food and where the water would be amazing! The group of 6 other girls with me made my experience soooo much better and I have formed friendships that will last a lifetime! 10/10 will be returning for another Wodventures very soon! Thank you so much Dani!


I went on this trip without Crossfit experience and came back both physically and mentally stronger. It was an experience of a lifetime and I can't wait to do it again! Dani (your host) is an exceptional woman who cares for her crew and makes sure you have a fantastic time. I can't recommend this experience in the Cook Islands enough!


Wodventures!! WOW!! Yet another fantastic retreat! Words cannot describe how amazing this experience is! The fact that I'm going on my third retreat next June is proof that I am hooked. Thanks Dani for everything!!