How it began

Let’s face it: once we set off on our holiday, most of us tend to abandon our exercise regimes; diets go out the window and your bag is always too full to fit in your joggers. For some, “fitness” and “fun” have never been a pair. I have always been a little different in that respect.

Every time I went on holiday, I found myself scouting for the local gym.

I was perhaps motivated to justify the over indulgence inherent to most holidays, but also to ensure I didn’t return home to find my hard earned fitness had diminished to the point where it no longer existed.

I soon found I was not alone in my conquest to maintain a healthy balance whilst on holiday. There were many who preferred to avoid the dreaded “gym-shock” upon returning home, where a 3 week holiday makes you feel like you have never set foot in a gym before.


Not everybody enjoys boozy holidays filled with junk food, hang overs and bad habits.

I wanted to create an experience where like minded people could get together and embark on an adventure to exquisite locations, where they had the opportunity to treat their bodies to a balance of relaxation and fitness. Why did going on holiday always mean you returned having to go up a pant size? Why not return home feeling refreshed, fit, energised and relaxed?

I did not want to create a bootcamp, but rather an active getaway which gifted people with an unforgettable experience which they get to share with amazing, like-minded people.

With a background in competitive running and swimming, I have always enjoyed a variety of sports, including surfing and hiking.

My other great love is travel.

I have been travelling since the age of 15, lived in 3 countries and shall never stop exploring.

Wodventures is a product of my combined passions: sports, fitness, travel and adventure, and it is an experience so great, I feel it just has to be shared.

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