Join us as we head to the gem of the Pacific, the the island paradise of Rarotonga, where we shall be partnering with the “Most remote CrossFit box in the world”,Tumuora CrossFit . This retreat shall include a week of Crossfit, workshops, hiking, kayaking and yoga, to leave you feeling invigorated, fit and refreshed. We are excited to be partnering with a very special box, who against all odds, have succeeded to create a very successful Crossfit community on Rarotonga, which is enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.


2 years ago these guys had a big idea, to bring Crossfit to the islands. They knew it would be no easy task and there was no guarantee that they would even gain any members- gambling with a tiny local population of only 12,000 – most of whom had never heard about Crossfit. But they took a chance. They fixed up an old pig shed filled with rusty tractors and mud, imported all the rigs and equipment which took months to reach them on container ships, and named their box Tumuora, which means “Strong life” in Cook Islands Maori. Today, with over 100 members and countless visitors from all over the world, their box has thrived and become something they could only have dreamt of.  The Wodventures team is grateful to be a part of their humble journey!

Rarotonga is a rare, unspoilt oasis, which offers a bewitching blend of dramatic mountains, lush rainforests, white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters – the stuff postcards are made of. This destination is ideal for those looking to truly escape from the world, where you can put your feet up and truly relax. With only one road surrounding this small, circular island, no traffic lights and uncrowded beaches, you will feel like you have taken a step back in time. This enchanting island will capture your heart with it’s friendly, welcoming locals and vibrant culture and traditions.

Rarotonga makes for the perfect backdrop for a Wodventure. We shall take advantage of all the activities available to visitors on the island, including kayaking on the calm waters of the lagoon, yoga on the beach, hiking across the jagged mountains and sunset sailing cruises.